26 Aug

{DIY} Tissue Tassel Garland

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We get weak in the knees when we see all of the different gorgeous, colorful garland options around these days. Unfortunately garland can end up being quite pricey when you pay for the pre-made variety, which is why we were so ecstatic to see this DIY tutorial from the lovely Jesyka D’Itri Mares. If you love the amazing garlands from Confetti System, but don’t have the budget to buy a heap full for your wedding, this DIY is a great way to make them yourself and customize them with your own wedding colors.


  • A new pack of tissue in assorted colors
  • 4 yards of rope trim
  • Tacky glue
  • A knife, razor or other pointy object!
  • A rotary cutting set
  • Scissors
{Photos and Instructions Courtesy of Jesyka D’Itri Mares}

Step 1: Cutting the strips. Open a tissue pack. The sheets of tissue should be folded in half horizontally, and then folded over vertically a few times. Unfold it until it is only folded in half. Lay the tissue with the folded side to the top of your cutting mat, and line it up with the guide lines. Place your straight edge along another guide line, and cut 4-5 1/2″ strips from the sheets of tissue.

Step 2: Picking up the strips. Using a knife, chopstick, or other thin and long device find the center of the first stack of cut tissue, and place them over your index finger. Firmly hold this stack while you do the same with the next, and gently place the second stack over the first. Repeat until you have four of five stacks (whenever you feel like you have enough strips to make a nice pouf).
Step 3: Twist the strips together. At the center of your stack of strips, bend inward, and begin to twist the tissue strips as if you are wringing out a rag. Continue to twist until the twisted part measures about 4″ total, with the center of the twist being the center of the stack of strips.
Step 4: Twisting on the rope. Place the center of the strips over the rope trim (It really helps to have your rope secured on both ends). Bring each end down over the rope. While twisting, bring the back piece over the front piece. Continue like this until you have 3 or 4 twists. *It is important to twist the tissue with each continual movement! That is how you get the nice tight rope shape that mimicks the rope trim, and it is an important, if small, detail * Note: The tissue may break a in a few spots at this point. Do not be discouraged. Save the fall out for a jar of confetti!
Step 5: Gluing. Squeeze a small dollop of glue at the point where the last twist meets. Let dry.
Step 6: Fluffing. This is the finishing touch, and one of the most important steps. If you neglect to “fluff” your tissue tassel, it will look limp and lifeless. This is also potentially the most time consuming step. You need to go through each individual strip and pull it apart and away from the other pieces. Do this until you have a nice shape all around. When done right, they always remind me of little ball gowns or ballerina skirts. The tissue should come out at least a 90° angle from the  twists.

Step 7: Trimming. Take your scissors and trim off the uneven pieces of the tassel as if you would trim hair. This way your tassels have a nice clean edge at the bottom. Collect the trimmings in your jar of confetti!

This would be the perfect project for a bridal party to work on together during a crafty evening with good company! If you have the patience to knit or embroider, it’s likely that you would have fun with this tedious project, which is totally worth the hours of dedication if you ask us!


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