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04 May

Mexique, C’est Chic!

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Cinco De Mayo is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve always been drawn to Mexico’s colorful heritage, so when I see fĂȘtes embracing the color palette, I get weak in the knees for all of the vibrant colors, sounds and flavors! From the table decor and food to the favors, Cinco De Mayo-inspired events bring with them limitless ideas that are sure to spice up your ensemble.

These Cinco De Mayo-inspired photos by This Modern Romance are absolutely breathtaking. The photographer paired up with florist Heavenly Blooms to bring a Cinco De Mayo inspiration board from Green Wedding Shoes to life. The shoot is filled with succulents, a rustic ranch, colorful sodas, papel picado and Mexican hot chocolate. So amazing!

{All photos by This Modern Romance}

How will you be celebrating Cinco De Mayo this year?


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